2008  E-Werk Freiburg 
30 min.
with Julie Jaffrennou

venues Kopas, International Performance Festival, Theater Zero  Seoul/Korea (2011)

In an intimistic spatial atmosphere, a performer sits naked on a mountain of raw meat. Some bones lie in the room. The smell is strong. The audience comes in and is allowed to come closer. The prepared pieces of meat lie next to each other. The performer gradually wraps around her body like a second skin: the right leg, the left leg, the back, the chest, the right arm, the left arm and the head. This second skin of flesh is sewn close to the body until it is completely covered.

During the performance the performer is in permanent contact with the blood, the cold and the weight of the flesh. The generated sounds fill the room. The proximity of the audience offers an intimate contact and intensifies the perception on both sides.