Compagnie LaPerformance was founded by Julie Jaffrennou and associated artists of various styles and backgrounds.
Julie Jaffrennou studied performing arts and visual arts at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Angers and the HBK, Braunschweig, Germany. She has been active for 20 years and has presented her solo performances at numerous international festivals.
Working in a collective is for her an extension of her solo creations, and thereby allows her focus to shift from the individual to the social body.
The performers of Compagnie LaPerformance, representing the visual arts, dance and theatre, act together as individuals, as „material“ endowed with a human biography, and interact in search of a common language of images which go beyond those of their respective disciplines.

The motivating force behind our work is the area of tension between the individual and our pre-historic subconsciousness, between seemingly self-determined activities and automatic processes.  In the process, each of the all-female cast lends a specific hue of her own to traditional images.  While tracking down memories, experiences and traumas, written into the body of every one, we find ourselves in the midst of a process which allows us, through improvisation, to access those images which will serve as material for certain scenes of our productions.  As a rule, our productions are a sequence of intertwined images born out of an inner quiescence, out of a simple and unassuming presence of body and being.They are being formed in an organic rhythm and dissolve in total absence of narrative line.
The main role is thereby given to time, the approach to the performing space, the interaction with the audience, as well as to the transformation of our traditional models of reception.


2023 Fin de Siècle E-Werk Freiburg

2023 Fragility and other stories Film screening, Schöpf 2 Freiburg

2022 Fragility and other stories  Guest Performance, 6Tagefrei Stuttgart

2021 Fragility and other stories E-Werk Freiburg

2019 Der Raum dazwischen Ludwigskirche Freiburg/Woche der Stille
2019 Performative interventions in the exposition Abschied von Außen, Kunstverein Freiburg
2019 Out of Order E-Werk Freiburg
2019 Herzdamen Art's Birthday E-Werk Freiburg/SWR
2018 Knock-out Internationales Tanz & Theater Festival Freiburg  E-Werk Freiburg
2018 Legacy E-Werk  Freiburg
2016 Heirloom Südufer, Freiburg
2015 Tableaux E-Werk  Freiburg
2014 Extended Relations Festival Arts Affects  Theater  Freiburg 
2012 Suites Kunstnacht E-Werk  Freiburg

co-producers / sponsors

Kulturamt Freiburg / Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende Baden-Württemberg e.V. / Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung & Kunst Baden-Württemberg / Freundeskreis E-Werk Freiburg / E-Werk Freiburg / Tanzpakt 2018 / Sparkasse Freiburg