2008  E-Werk Freiburg  
30 min.
with Julie Jaffrennou

venues Kopas International Performance Festival, Theater Zero Seoul, Korea (2009 ) / Kaskadenkondensator Basel, Schweiz (2008)

In a semi-dark room, a glass box made of mirror glass stands on a metal base.
The audience can look at itself in its mirror image. The lighting mood changes.
The light becomes weaker in the room and stronger in the glass box. The audience can now look through the mirror and see the interior.

A performer sits in the box. She is wearing a very thin transparent latex suit. Gradually she cuts open selected parts of her body. The organically transparent elements that emerge from it slowly melt through contact with the warm body. A connection to body fluids (sweat, milk, saliva, sperm, amniotic fluid…) is created.
Then the performer sews up the “body orifices” again. Due to the resistance of the latex and the consistency of the melted matter, sewing becomes more and more difficult.

The generated images balance between erotic, sex, birth and violence