2021 E-Werk Freiburg
120 Min.

co-producers LaFT Baden-Württemberg, Kulturamt Freiburg, E-Werk Freiburg, 6Tagefrei Stuttgart 

with Salim Ben Mammar, Tjadke Biallowons, Alice Gartenschläger, Olivia Maridjan-Koop, Michael Schmitter                                                                                                                 

Fragility and other stories
is the 2nd part of the trilogy Obeying Life.

After the 1st part Out of Order (2019), which questioned the overarching structures of a social system, the focus is now on the individual and the omnipresent longing for interpersonal resonance.

In separated chambers, parallel insights into different fragments of life are granted. Drenched in memories of childhood, youth, parenthood and old age, the protagonists delve into their inner worlds.

The audience is led through the chambers and thus witnesses snapshots. These are characterized by impossible encounters, by loneliness, love, violence and the infinite need to be.

A possible overall narrative emerges through the viewer's personal associations, for the chambers, like cells in an organic body, form an overall organism through space and time.

Badische Zeitung - April 2021
Intimate cabinets in the E-Werk – but only filmed

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Kulturjoker - June 2021
Chamber pieces

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