2015  E-Werk Freiburg
60 min.
Kulturamt Freiburg, E-Werk Freiburg
Sparkasse Freiburg, Förderverein E-Werk Freiburg
Isabella Bartdorff, Tjadke Biallowons, Lorena Calero, Julie Jaffrennou, Lilith Korbel, Louve Korbel, Martina Nönninger, Elke Shott, Anna Shumaylova, Marlen Wronka

The Performance consists of six individual durational performances, (3 solos, 2 Duos, 1 trio) which run parallel as stations in a 100 square meter space. They are designed to be living pictures in which a process of metamorphosis is happening.  As if in a museal space, the audience is able to move freely through the stations.

Station 1
Two twin-girls begin the evening.  They lead the audience through the dark room and lighten the space bit by bit.  They minimally interact with the individual stations thereby heralding future themes .

Station 2
Two over-sized women’s figures in evening dresses stand across from each other at a table where two raw cows’ hearts are lying. A wordless dialogue passes between the two performers. The cows’ hearts become an object of power, greed, friendship, love and beauty.

Station 3
Three older women, sitting elevated, form a combined sculpture.  As if they are inseparable siamese twins. Through their interaction/non-interaction a closeness, distance, fellowship and isolation occur.

Station 4
A woman hangs on a pillar.  She is wearing a fragile, membraneous dress and tries in vain to take off. Through visibly leaking bodily fluids, her body appears to dissolve.

Station 5
A young woman in a glass box emerges successively in different archetypes of female clichés such as a princess, a bride,  a heroine etc. Through her actions the established pictures are broken.

Station 6
A young girl is standing at the entrance to a tunnel.  She stands before a frame of light which is reminiscent of a mirror. Her extra-long hair makes her crossing to the other side difficult.

The audiences’ closeness to the Performers offers an intensification of perceptions and with it, a particularly intensive experience.