2018  E-Werk  Freiburg
90 min.
co-producers Kulturamt Freiburg, E-Werk Freiburg
sponsor Förderverein E-Werk/Freiburg
with Tjadke Biallowons, Lorena Calero, Felipa Calero, Nurya Cremonesi, Alice Gartenschläger, Julie Jaffrennou, Lilith Korbel, Olivia Maridjan-Koop

The performative diptych Legacy combines two performances and two generations at the same time.

The performance Heirloom (2016), where 4 women operate with 150kg of raw flesh within an enclosed space, was enlarged and named Legacy.

In the second performance the next generation (four children) is invited to deal with the subject „legacy“ and the substance of raw flesh.

This amalgamation horifies and gives a fresh look at the social transmission in the cycle of life.

Badische Zeitung – March 2018
Lifeline is a muscle
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