2018  International Dance & Theatre Festival, E-Werk Freiburg
20 min.
co-producer Tanzpakt 18, E-Werk Freiburg
with Tjadke Biallowons, Alice Gartenschläger, Julie Jaffrennou, Olivia Maridjan-Koop

Anger, attack, emptiness!
In the piece Knock-out the performers balance between the poles of power and powerlessness. They express their current attitude as individuals and as social body towards life in a repetitive confrontation. They trace the terms power and manipulation back to their most original meaning, namely to "handling" or to the similar Indo-European root "mag-" - i.e. kneading, pressing, shaping.
They attack the emptiness of space and the invisible/absensible in different ways and experience a direct access to both their creative power and their powerlessness. In this creative process they are sometimes creators sometimes creatures.

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So much fury - and so much tenderness
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